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The Warren County Records Center & Archives is excited to offer primary documents to teachers and students for classroom instruction and project research.  These documents have been produced and digitized by the Records Center & Archives staff along with County partners and made available for educational use.  Projects and activities were developed at the Records Center & Archives with guidance from local school teachers, historical societies, and online resources like the Ohio New Learning Standards. Primary sources may be used for educational purposes with or without the corresponding activities and project guidelines below.  Hard copies and additional materials can be requested through the Records Center & Archives and appropriate institutions.  The primary goals of this local school outreach initiative are to:

  • Provide students with primary sources to start their research and encourage them to visit the numerous historical institutions around the county to continue researching their topic.
  • Support teachers in Warren County by supplying them with classroom materials and helping them gain access to local primary sources.
  • Partner with local historical societies, museums, and the Genealogical Society in Warren County for resources and support.
  • Combine Ohio Social Studies Learning Standards with primary document based activities and projects.
  • Promote the idea that history is more than what students read in their textbooks.

The activities below include an activity sheet, answer key, and coordinating documents.  A list of all materials used in an activity can be found on the first page of each activity sheet.


1956 Aerial Image – Carlisle


1956 Aerial Image – Clinton-Massie


1956 Aerial Photo – Franklin

Kings Mills

1956 Aerial Image – Kings Mills


1956 Aerial Image – Lebanon – 1

1956 Aerial Image – Lebanon – 2

Little Miami



1956 Aerial Image – Mason


1956 Aerial Image – Springboro


1956 Aerial Image – Waynesville

The Warren County Infirmary Activity

Activity Sheet

Answer Key

Infirmary Timeline Materials

Commissioners Minutes Building Additions, 1835-1876

Commissioners Minutes Building Additions, Transcribed

The Western Star Fire Newspaper Article, 1915

Fire Storyboard from the Infirmary Exhibit

Farm Storyboard from the Infirmary Exhibit

The Cincinnati Enquirer Sanitary Conditions Newspaper Article, 1891

Sanitary Conditions Storyboard from the Infirmary Exhibit

Commissioners Minutes on Sanitary Conditions, Vol. 17, page 413, 1894

Commissioners Minutes on Sanitary Conditions, Vol. 17, page 414, 1894

The Cincinnati Enquirer “Clubbed” Newspaper Article, 1893

Hiram Bates “Clubbed” Witness Testimony, 1893

1856 & Current Map of Warren County Activity

Activity Sheet

Answer Key

1856 Map of Warren County

Current Map of Warren County

Canals, Roads, and Turnpikes Activity

Activity Sheet

Answer Key

The Western Star News Articles

Free Turnpike and Road Improvement Record

Commissioners Journal, Vol. 20

Hamilton Township Map

Word Search

The Corwin Family Activity

Activity Sheet

Answer Key

Ichabod Corwin

Matthias Corwin

Thomas Corwin

The 1913 Flood in Warren County Activity

Activity Sheet

Answer Key

The Western Star Newspaper Articles

A Map of the Flooded Zones in Franklin

Flood Pictures from Franklin

Commissioners Journal, Vol. 24

Franklin Area Historical Society Condensed Flood PowerPoint (2013)

Word Search

Naturalization Activity

Activity Sheet

Answer Key

Christian Staley Papers

Eli Rutman Papers

Marion Davis Papers

Quakers & Shakers Activity

Activity Sheet

Answer Key

Quaker Western Star Newspaper Articles

Shaker Western Star Newspaper Articles

A Shaker Covenant Between Malcom Worley & Family

Shaker Court Case

Word Search

War & Soldiers in Warren County Activity

Activity Sheet

Answer key

War of 1812 Western Star Newspaper Article

Civil War Article & Discharge Papers

WWI Articles, Discharge & Special Papers

Please contact the Records Center & Archives for more activity topics and resources or to request specific materials for instruction.  Hard copies of all activities listed above are available at the Records Center & Archives.  Additional materials can be found at the center and through the societies listed below.

Historical societies in Warren County house many unique and exciting primary sources perfect for classroom instruction.  Most of these society’s will to come to the classroom to present their materials, offer field trips and tours, and make copies of their materials for teachers to incorporate into classroom activities.  So far, the Records Center & Archives has partnered with:

The Franklin Area Historical Society

The South Lebanon Historical Society, Inc.

The Warren County Genealogical Society

The Warren County Historical Society

Waynesville Museum at the Friends Home

If you are a historical society and would like to be apart of the Records Center & Archives educational outreach program, please email us at archives@co.warren.oh.us or call us at 513.695.1868.

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