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License to Drive…to Your Local County Courts: A Guide to the New Ohio Drivers License Requirements

I’ve added a new line to my resume, expert in State of Ohio ID requirements. Okay maybe that’s taking it a step too far. What I do know is that the Warren County Records Center and Archives has had a major influx of people seeking out their Public Records in order to obtain either the Standard DL-ID Card or the Compliant DL-ID Card. If you don’t know the difference you can check out all of the information, including deadlines and requirements, at the Ohio BMV Website.

What many people do not realize is that the changes in requirements for these new Compliant IDs are to comply with federal regulations and the process should be approached with a new level of preparation. Here are the key elements that you will need to prove in order to obtain your new Compliant ID:

  • Full Legal Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Legal Presence in the US
  • Social Security Number
  • Ohio Street Address

There is a long list of documents you can provide that will prove these requirements for you. Where it gets tricky and where we get involved are in the following records:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Certified Copy of Marriage
  • Certified Copy of Divorce Decree

While the Warren County Records Center & Archives may house many of these historic documents, we are not qualified to certify them and we are also not permitted to provide any records that are newer than 100 years old (there may be some exceptions). This rings true for many of the Records Centers across the State of Ohio.

What do I mean by a certified copy? – A certified copy is a copy that has been signed and sealed by the qualifying department, think of a fancy embellished seal or imprint on the record. This is what makes the record official and proves that it is not counterfeit.

So why do you need these records and where do you go to get them?

Birth Certificate:

Why do I need it? – In order to prove your legal presence in the US, if you were born in the US, you will need to provide an Official Certified copy of your Birth Certificate. This is a state issued record so you will be able to obtain a copy of this in any Ohio County.

Where do I get it?Warren County Health District

Marriage Record or Name Change:

Why do I need it? – If your name appears different from that on your Birth Certificate you will need to provide a Certified Copy of your Marriage Record or a Certified Copy of Name Change. This record is kept at the Probate Court at the county in which you received your original record. So for example if you were married in Warren County, you can only obtain a Certified Copy from Warren County Probate Court.

Where do I get it?Warren County Probate Court

Certified Copy of Decree of Divorce, Dissolution, or Annulment of Marriage:

Why do I need it? – If you have been married more than once and have changed your name with each marriage, you may have to provide a Certified Copy of each Marriage Record along with a Certified Copy of each Divorce Decree. The reason once again is to prove the legal name changes from what is listed on your Birth Certificate. This record is kept at the Clerk of Courts at the county in which the event took place. For example, if your divorce was finalized in Warren County, you can only obtain a Certified Copy from Warren County Clerk of Courts.

Where do I get it?Warren County Clerk of Courts

My hope in providing you this information is so that you are able to obtain your new license with less headache, because let’s be honest it can be extremely frustrating waiting in those long lines only to be told you do not have what you need! Although we cannot provide these records for you, our department is always happy to help point you in the right direction in order to find the correct location to obtain them! Please share this with anyone you believe may benefit from this information. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at archives@co.warren.oh.us or 513-695-1815.

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“I Consent.” Invaluable Historical Records

The Warren County Records Center and archives receives a number of research requests each year. One of our favorites to handle are the marriage consents. These consents accompany our marriage record and marriage license issued records and date back to 1803.

Generally the requests that we receive regarding these relatively unknown records come from genealogists or people conducting their own family history. Early in the 1800’s the information included in a typical marriage record was: Groom’s name, Bride’s name, Date of marriage, County Clerk who issued paperwork, and sometimes the officiant name. For those people who are trying to trace their lineage back through earlier generations it is extremely inconvenient when there are no birthdays or parent’s names included in the paperwork. The reason the consents are so valuable and cool is because if someone were underage at the time of their marriage, their parent or parents would have to sign over their consent for the marriage to take place. With this additional information, researchers have been able to find family information that might forever be lost otherwise.


Marriage Consent, August 25, 1803


Marriage Consent, August 25, 1803


Marriage Consent, October 22, 1816


Marriage Consent, October 22, 1816