Woman Stabbed by “Ghost”…or was it a “Ghostwriter”

Case No. 6607: The State of Ohio vs. Mary Shannon

CRIMINAL(S): Mary Shannon

DATE OF CRIME: July 17, 1947

VICTIM(S): Florida Turner / Mrs. Floyd Turner

CRIME: Stabbing with intent to wound

DETAILS: While in the Blair Brothers Hospital for severe injury, Florida Turner reported that on July 17, 1947, she had been attacked. Mrs. Turner stated that as she was peeling potatoes in her kitchen in Red Lion, Ohio, her sister-in-law Mary Shannon walked in and stabbed her in the chest with a long bladed pocketknife. While in the process of being arrested Mary Shannon gave false information to the sheriff stating that her name was Mary Downing and she was a “ghost”, later found to be a ghostwriter. Once placed in the Warren County Jail, Mary Shannon was evaluated by Drs. Edward and Robert Blair and was found to be mentally unwell. Mary was sent to Lima State Mental Hospital to recover and after a period of time was returned to Warren County where she was sentenced.


SENTENCE: Placed on probation for the period of three (3) years and required to report regularly to Sheriff Gerald W. Couden once every two months

Robert M. Blair - Sanity Opinion

Common Pleas Case File #6607 – Sanity opinion, Dr. Robert M. Blair


Common Pleas Case File #6607 – Sentencing

Woman Stabbed By Ghostwriter - The Time Recorder - Zanesville, OH - July, 18, 1947 - pg. 1

The Time Recorder – Zanesville, OH – July, 18, 1947 – pg. 1


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