Guest Blogger Series: Words From Our Intern, Lauren – Post 4

Now that I am at the final week of my internship, I have to say that I had such a wonderful time here. Once I got to know everyone and knew what projects I was expected to do, I had no problems. Everyone here is nice and welcoming, with a dash of light-hearted sarcasm that I really enjoyed. Come and visit them! I have had many jobs in the past and I was glad to leave every one of them, simply because it was not what I wanted to do with my life. This time around, it will be tough leaving a job that I thoroughly enjoyed.

From working on chronologically and alphabetically organizing Child Services, re-housing blueprints of highways, researching the Foster family and putting together their family tree, to processing estate dockets, I have completed a variety of tasks. Now that we finished the Foster, Ohio exhibit, I feel honored having worked on something that will stay up in the reading room for two years. Pictures do not do the exhibit justice so I hope that you consider going to see it. (All of my panels are on the top shelf, excluding the property map that Autumn did (not in picture)).

8-24-2018 Lauren's Final Blog

While I liked some projects more than others, I pretty much loved everything I worked on. I gained experiences that I can take with me when I find a place where I can start a career, so every new experience I could get was helpful. Again, I am thankful to everyone here at the Warren County Records Center and Archives for this opportunity and one of the best summers I have had since my archaeology days. I cannot wait to share my experiences when school starts up again! And, in the words of Forest Gump, “That’s all I have to say about that.”


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