Guest Blogger Series: Words From Our Intern, Lauren – Post 2

Every so often, I will have moments where I come across something that makes me pause and appreciate reading documents from the past. Sometimes, it is a signature of a historically famous person, such as William Henry Harrison or someone else that was prominent to Warren County, but lately it is random stories that I have come across while skimming through the Western Star.

I mentioned in the last blog that I am looking through the microfilm reels of the Western Star to find information about Foster, Ohio and the Warren County Board of Elections. When thinking about the past, I typically picture proper people who have a no-nonsense demeanor. That perception still has not changed. However, some of the writers, with their stiff upper lip, gave whacky titles to some stories over the years that continually catch my eye; usually leaving me asking “Whaaaaat?” Unfortunately, I did not get dates for most of the stories that I will mention below but hopefully you will enjoy seeing pictures of some of the articles that I came across.

First, I will start with articles that I do not have pictures of but were on the same page. These were ones that I came across about a month ago and I apologize that I do not remember all the details and that I did not think to take pictures, but I do remember the gist of the articles. One was titled along the lines of a young boy that was drowned by his cat. Apparently, the child was playing with his cat near shallow water and somehow he fell in the water, face down, and the cat just stood of him. Not sure what prevented the kid from pushing the cat off but, sadly, he died. This article was followed up by an article titled “Man Strangled by False Teeth.” The story went exactly how you think: this gentleman swallowed some of his fake teeth and choked to death. I could not make those stories up if I tried.

Next, I came across an article with this picture –

7-18-2018 Guest Blogger Series - Lauren Lyon

I found what year May 18th fell on a Thursday in the 1890s and it was the year 1899, but really, what was the Boogum?  I have tried finding out what this strange creature was but with little luck. I did find another article from the Los Angeles Herald, pretty much stating the same thing but with a more detailed picture (here is the link Los Angeles Herald). Far from cute, the Boogum had to have been a very peculiar attraction that I would have definitely passed on seeing.

The next article I want to bring up was evidence of very slow news on that particular day.

7-18-2018 Guest Blogger Series - Lauren Lyon (2)

When I found this article, I remember telling my coworkers that it was in 1912. I have seen odd-shaped food before, but a potato that was shaped like a dog? I wish there was a picture of that.

Lastly, this is something I found that took place in Foster.

7-18-2018 Guest Blogger Series - Lauren Lyon (3)7-18-2018 Guest Blogger Series - Lauren Lyon (4)

This article came from July 24, 1902. The reason I find this hysterical is that this guy just ran around, in the nude, in the Foster area for several weeks and there were over fifty people, with dogs, trying to find this guy. I never found a follow up article saying whether or not they found the guy, which makes it all the more hilarious.

*Guest blogger: Archival Intern, Lauren Lyon


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One response to “Guest Blogger Series: Words From Our Intern, Lauren – Post 2

  • Just Bits and Pieces

    I’m enjoying the heck out of your stories. These were hilarious and troubling all at the same time. Where did the boogum go? What happened to the naked man? I have so many questions!!! I trust you’ll find the answers! Great read! Keep ’em coming!

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