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German Speaking Citizens and Oktoberfest Zinzinnati

In celebration of Oktoberfest Zinzinnati beginning today, we have shared one of our records that references the German population in Warren County.
Ohio experienced large migrations of German immigrants and German descendents from its infancy in the early 1800’s. Many of these German citizens came to the state from Pennsylvania. By 1860, there were 328,249 German immigrants living in Ohio. This number increased significantly by 1900, to 458,734. During the early migration the General Assembly of Ohio established a resolution to distribute German Laws in German for all of those living within the different counties who could not read English. For Warren County there were 20 copies sent and all 20 were distributed amongst the varying townships.


This entry from the Warren County Commissioners Journal, dated June 6 1832, details the approximate households within the county of those citizens who could only speak German.
“The County Commissioners being by resolution of the General assembly of Ohio requested to distribute the German laws among the inhabitants of the several counties and twenty copies being forwarded to the county of Warren the Commissioners thereof direct that the said twenty copies be distributed as follows
To Clearcreek Township 4 Vols
Franklin 4
Deerfield 2
Union 1
Turtlecreek 2 Del’d to James Cowan one of the townships trustees August 17th, 1832
Wayne 1 Forwarded by Noah Haines to township Clk August 17th, 1832
Salem 2
Hamilton 3
Washington 1
And direct the Auditor to forward the same to the Trustees of the several Townships to be by them handed to such of the German inhabitants (if any there be) as can read German and not english”
Fun facts about Oktoberfest Zinzinnati:
~First held in 1976
~Largest Oktoberfest held within America, more than 500,000 people attending annually
~Held in September, according to its origins as a wedding celebration  of Prince Ludwig I and Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen (1810)
~The event is kicked off with a “Running of the Weiners” race where dachshunds are dressed in bun costumes
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